It seems that every few months I get the itch to start my own business. Like, really start my own business. Something that’ll generate an income. Something that’ll be sustainable and long-term. Something that can grow. Something that’s not done just for a hobby but legit done as my full-time job. Something that I actually get registered and is like, you know, a full fledged business.

Needless-to-say, I’ve got that itch again.

I think I’ve asked this before but I’m very curious so I’ll ask again, are you currently doing something you love (whether it’s for someone else or for yourself)? If you’re not, what would your dream job entail? What would that dream job be? And, why aren’t you doing it…what’s holding you back?

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  1. Definitely not doing my dream job but I’m getting closer I think. In order to get there, I’m moving back to Korea (cause it’s more affordable than the US while a student)… so I’ll teach again while studying for my Masters in Social Work so I can do counseling for people suffering from PTSD… more specifically from sexual trauma. Goal is to open my own practice and do some international work with women and children who’ve been raped/abused. Would love to start my own NGO but I need to figure more out for that.rself!

  2. I too like the new layout! My dream job would be a mash up of things that I like right now which includes research, textiles, and drawing/design…textile designer maybe? If I could somehow do that and be a librarian, that would be cool too. What’s holding me back? Life, time, and money. I try to contribute to that dream a little bit everyday though (drawing in my sketchbook is a mini accomplishment to me).

  3. Nothing really holding me back from my dream. My newest dream that I am pursuing day by day is to become a wedding/event planner. Somehow I ended up on Martha’s Vineyard working at an enterprise where weddings and celebrations happen every week. I’ve met some of the most amazing caterers and flower decorators and wedding planners on this island and I am building relationships to jumpstart my new career.

    I do have to return back to school and switch over from a bio degree, and pursue something in communications or hospitality. Sometimes I do doubt this new goal, but ultimately on the other hand I do believe that I can be fruitful and prosper really well in this field, if I pick the right location (Martha’s Vineyard, The Hamptons in NY), locations that have a good target audience.

    I want to keep moving up which means that I am only surrounding myself with people who are doing what I want to do and people who have gone where I am trying to get.

    All we really have is hope, and the vision to dream and dream big.

    The book that I am reading called The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, is my fuel and inspiration to think positive and believe that I’ll be an awesome wedding planner, I know that I’ll finish my degree and pursue a graduate degree in that field as well.

  4. I fantasize about having my own business every day. I’m slowly working on it, but it can be hard to do it all by yourself!

  5. I’m not doing my dream job. Now what I want to do is desk top publishing working for a book publisher, magazine, or catalog. I want to design books or magazines but I want to do the technical part not the brainstorming part. I do not want to be an an Art Director.

    What’s holding me back? I’m sharing this to help raise consciousness so that we all know how we all feel and maybe I’m not the only one. 1) I’ve been in my current position for 15 yrs with the same company and feel that that’s a detriment. because companies will not think I will be as flexible as someone who moves around. 2) I feel as though my skill set may not be as strong as what you usually get in NYC. 3) I really do not want to go through rejection. 4) I keep thinking I’m too old, fat, black, or female. This one totally doesn’t make sense and has more to do with the state of my psyche. 5) I need some serious help with my resume too. So, if there is anyone reading this who has affordable to free resume writing skills hit me up.

    I listed the above as they came to me so I guess the biggest one is number 1.

    I’ve similar conversations with my aunt who’s doing her dream job and is now thinking of a new dream job and one of my co-workers. We all work in areas of interest to us. I think I would be happier doing something I had no interest in but was suited to me because working in your dream job is only part of it. When you pursue your dream job your first thought is wow I’m really going to do something but then the politics of it come into play. At first you’re like I can do this for free and then after a few years you’re like they don’t pay me enough. I think that this can be different once you go into your new/next dream job because you’ve had some work experience and may expect something different in return.

    What happened with This Is Verity?

  6. I love your new layout and I think it’s admirable to want to start a business! I still don’t know what my true calling is yet, but I’m perfectly content with what I’m doing now (I’m an analyst) and have found things that makes it fulfilling.

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