7. Randomness. And a few questions for you.
  8. Being sick, listening to your body, and a lesson from Howard.
  9. Flashback: Aswan & Luxor
  10. For Rinah.
  11. Frequent Flyer : Brenna of This Battered Suitcase
  12. Juice.
  13. Whoa. It’s Been How Long?
  14. New Routines.
  15. Full Steam Ahead
  16. Before the sky goes dark.
  17. A day at a castle.
  18. The Weekend. 85 Percent.
  19. All things enamel.
  20. It’s Just Fabric Now…
  21. Frequent Flyer: Kylie of Spencer and Kylie
  22. All That Glitters
  23. Frequent Flyer : Nicole Gibbons of SoHaute
  24. Craving Indian Food.
  25. Just run.
  26. 2018 Travel Plans.
  27. The best damn apple pie.
  28. READ THIS: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
  29. Six random things I have my eyes on.
  30. Galway, Ireland | A day and a half in Galway.
  31. Inspired by candles.
  32. Cork, Ireland | Two days and a lot of walking.
  33. Souvenir At Home: With Gemma of Line x Shape x Colour
  34. The perfect scarf for winter.
  35. Happy Canada Day…and coffee table decisions.
  37. Friday’s Four (on Saturday).
  38. Blue Black, Pink, Brass & Wood.
  39. In other exciting news, I bought a bed frame.
  40. Lady Abroad / Meet Oneika of Oneika The Traveller
  41. Perfectly lovely.
  42. The design Gods are on my side.
  43. Kilkenny, Ireland | Mount Juliet.
  44. A few things I’m coveting.
  45. It was charming.
  46. Fear, the voice, and getting personal.
  47. The return of Heisenberg.
  48. Happy Me Day
  49. Birthday Wish List
  50. A testament to how I’ve grown?
  51. Friday’s Four
  52. The Fifth One.
  53. A new plant.
  54. Functional and well designed | The little things.
  55. Just 1 Hour.
  56. Friday’s Four
  57. Framed feathers. A simple DIY project.

It’s Monday already – another work week begins. Why do the weekends always go so fast? I did exactly what I planned to do and I’m already thinking about my next weekend off…

In case you’re wondering, I did start my juice cleanse on November 1st and let’s just say…it didn’t go exactly as planned. I did last the three days but not really. I didn’t do juice 100% – more like 85%. I’ll definitely have a full update soon on what worked, what didn’t, and my overall thoughts. On Day #4, my first day off the juice, I picked up a few things to get me going for the rest of the month on my “eating differently” plan [pictured above – bottom right]. We’ll see how that goes; I’m hopeful and excited.


I saw Cloud Atlas this weekend and it was…different. One of those movies that definitely requires you to follow along closely and still leaves you scratching your head a bit at the end. I get the overall theme of the movie but I think there are some things that I’m missing. I’ll definitely have to see it again when it’s out on DVD but until then I’ll just resort to reading various articles about it online. Have you seen it? What did you think?


I know I said my Ireland recap would be up this week but I’m in the process of reformatting it a bit so it’ll be a few days. It’s been four months so an extra week to get it exactly how I want it won’t hurt. However, I will be kicking off a brand new series this week that I’m really excited about. So be sure to check back later in the week.

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LIVELETLIVE August 13, 2020 at 06:03

There are so many good movies that are coming out soon! I really want to see the hobbit!

Cant wait to see your Ireland recap!

LISA August 13, 2020 at 09:49

I love that you have a bottle of sriracha in your basket! 🙂

AFROSIS IN CHINA August 13, 2020 at 11:02

I read somewhere that Juice Cleansing is unnecessary since your body naturally cleanses the body with the Aid of the Kidney! However, LT effects of juicing and eating raw are amazing! I don’t think i’ll be able to go on such diet, I need something to CHEW on!
all the best though 🙂

ANDI OF MY BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURES August 14, 2020 at 01:23

I can’t believe the weekend goes by so quickly either! I want to see Cloud Atlas, but I can never find 3 hours.

BRANDY BROWNER August 14, 2020 at 04:33

I love the new blog layout. I want to do something with my blog but it just overwhelms me. It’s like another job.

I cannot believe the luck you are having with apartments. Here in NYC the rental season is dying down. The best time to look is between April and October. You may want to wait until Spring.

Check out this youtube channel MyInvisibleChyrsalis. She has some really interesting juicing/raw food videos. They have made me want to start adding some juicing and raw foods to my diet. I do not eat a lot of meat in general because I do not like to cook it all that often so I mostly get it when I go out.

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