The design Gods are on my side.

The Persian rug I mentioned here – it’s mine. It’s rolled up in a corner of the basement waiting to be unrolled in my future living room so I can’t actually enjoy it yet…but it’s mine. All mine. And it’s Howard approved. I was sure to unroll it so we could lie on it and just marvel at its beauty in general and I think he likes it. I mean, look at that face. Seriously, the picture does not do it justice, you’re just going to have to take my word for it until I can properly unroll it and take a photo of it. And Howard, might I add, looks amazing on it. Is it vain of me to say that the off-white colour of his coat looks amazing with it and perfectly picks up the the bits of off-white in the rug? If I wasn’t afraid of owning a light coloured sofa that’s the direction I’d go in…but I think I’ll instead paint the walls of my future apartment a nice creamy off-white. I now see what designers and decor mags mean when they say things like “pick a great sofa or piece of art first and go from there…” because I’m now rethinking all of my initial furniture choices to make sure they go with it. It was definitely an investment piece for me but it’s so worth it because I love it. LOVE it. This must be what it feels like to buy a piece of art…..I mean wall art. Because the rug, well I consider it a work of art too.

So, you splurge in one area and save in the next, right? I’m all about high and low. Splurge and save. Invest in quality. Mix it up. And as you probably all know, Craigslist is basically a treasure chest…if you know what you’re looking for and how to find it – cause there’s a lot of stuff on there. A lot. One mans junk is another man (or womans!) treasure and no place is that more true than on Craigs. But it seems that lately the decor Gods have been smiling down on me because I’ve been finding some awesome stuff. I mean, awesome. Check out the pics. The chair on the top left – kinda kitchy. But if I had an outdoor space I’d definitely get it. Actually, I’m kinda mulling it over anyway because I’ve seen it used in some interiors and, in the right space, it can work. The chair on the top right I think would be a nice little accent chair. Maybe at an entrance so you have a place to sit and put on your shoes. Or offsetting a credenza with a pile of books on it. I think most people would opt to spray it in a colour that’s on trend right now but I’d probably go with a matte black or white. The bed frame? I can’t decide if it’s kinda cool or kinda lame…but right now, I’m going with cool. It won’t quite work with what I’ll be doing in my future bedroom but if I had a spare room I’d totally get it. And spray paint it, of course. The table on the bottom left is great and I’m seriously debating it. It’s a far drive away so if I can get the seller to meet me half way then I’m gonna go for it. I love the style of it and have seen it and similar pieces in design blogs and magazines too many times to count. The white looks a bit on the creamy side so, of course, it’d get a makeover – though what colour I’m not sure. I think another key with craigslist is that you’ve gotta have a bit of an imagination too; you gotta be able to see the potential. Or at least have a bunch of design-minded friends on twitter who can see the potential 😉

Is it just me or do any of you regularly check out Craigs too? Do you just browse around or is there something specific you’re looking for? Clearly, by the above pics, I have specific search terms when I go on Craigs! You know what? I was even checking it out semi-regularly while I was in India. Yeah. No joke. That ish can be addictive.

Have a great weekend!

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