The best damn apple pie.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes, sometimes, I say things without thinking. In these instances it’s usually about going somewhere to do something or to cook/bake something and it’s usually said to my younger brothers. And here’s the thing about saying you’ll go somewhere or do something to kids – they don’t forget. They will remind you and ask you about it constantly until you follow through. So when I went apple picking with my loved ones earlier this Fall I should have thought twice when I proudly proclaimed to my brothers that for Thanksgiving Day (celebrated this year in Canada on Oct.8) we were going to make an apple pie. An apple crumb pie to be specific. From scratch. And we’d be making the crust from scratch too. Whoops! I mean, who do I think I am? Martha Stewart? I’ve never baked a pie from scratch. I’ve never made a crust. What did I get myself into?

Alls I can say is thank goodness for the Martha Stewart recipe archive. On Thanksgiving Day, with our ingredients ready to go, we got down to business. And since Thanksgiving Day for my friends south of the border is just a few days away, I thought I’d share my success just in case any of you are wondering what to prepare for your upcoming meal.

You know what? Despite my trepidation, in the end it ended up being the best damn apple pie I’ve ever had. And my brothers agreed. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it was the perfect way to end Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve already told several people that this will be my new go to recipe for apple pie. Invite me over for dinner and I’m brining this apple pie. It was so so good.

And just in case you’re wondering, after having his customary Thanksgiving dinner of a smoked turkey leg and vanilla ice cream for dessert Howard promptly passed out on the couch. I tell you, he totally fits in with my family.

// I thought I had bookmarked the recipes but I didn’t. I’m fairly certain these are the recipes I used: Apple Crumb Pie (without the raisins) and Pie Crust

// I pretty much followed the recipe exactly except for a few things. (1) I used more lemon juice than called for – I used an entire lemon. (2) I didn’t chill the pastry for as long as the recipe calls. At most it chilled for an hour. (3) I baked it at a slightly higher time than recommended so it’d bake faster…I just kept an eye on it. (4) The serving directions says to “let it sit for 6 hours” – I don’t know if that’s a mistake because I can’t imagine who’d let this deliciousness sit for 6 hours and get cold. I let it sit for about 20-30 minutes.

  1. That looks really tasty and now I want apple crumb pie. I’ve never had it like that before – only crumble or pie but really, why choose! And yes, sans raisins, always (I really think if the grapes weren’t good enough for wine, they’re not good enough for me – I just don’t like grapes, raisins or sultanas).

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