Randomness. And a few questions for you.

Randomness: I’m not sure what those wood things are (pictured above) but I picked them up last weekend at the Christie Antique Show, the fall show, and I really like them. The vendor said they are old/vintage weights that women used to use but I think he’s wrong. I think they’re old/vintage bowling pins? What do you think…any guesses? I’ve been feeling rather meh and….bored and uninspired lately. I think I need a new challenge (outside of decorating my apartment because that’s still fun!). I think I need to seriously plan a trip abroad. What do you do to get re-inspired and invigorated when you’re feeling kinda…meh? I’m working on a project that I’ve been thinking about for a while and am feeling stuck because I can’t think of a name for it. It’s hard to think about it’s online presence, branding, pitching it, or anything like that when it doesn’t have a name. I feel like a name would make it feel more “real” but I just can’t come up with anything. Any suggestions on how to find the right name? End randomness.

I lied. Here are a few random links I’ve enjoyed lately that you might enjoy too.

▲ This spin-off is officially happening. Woot-woot!
(and how clever is that site? those marketing peeps at AMC are knocking it out of the park)
▲ Four sisters photographed every year…for the past 36 years.
(as neat as it is to see how they grow and change…it also makes me kinda sad)
▲ How to build a makeup and skin care kit from scratch.
(good advice and tips)

Have a great weekend!

  1. I think these might be “Indian clubs” of the sort jugglers use. I think they might originally have been used as exercise equipment, too. Good luck solving the mystery!

    I’m in a bit of a funk, too, these days. I find that having something to look forward too helps me feel better, so a trip sounds like a great idea.

  2. Those are old-time wooden bobbins. They’re used in the spinning and weaving of a lot of fabrics. Smaller ones used to be used in commercial sewing factories when items were hand pieced.. When I worked at Pendleton Woolen Mills, we had thousands of them all over the place. They come in all sizes and shapes – some of them are very plain, and some are gorgeously ornamented.

    I have maybe a dozen, some that I got from Pendleton and some that my former MIL gave me from when she used to do piecework up in Ohio.

    I did a quick Google search and found this article which gives you some history on them: http://store.yankeemagazine.com/blog/wooden-bobbins-woven-new-england-history

  3. oh those are so fun. and to get re-inspired or reinvigorated i usually relax, find a good book or bake. it’s always a fun escape.

  4. I agree about planning a trip abroad. I think if I had something in the works, even if it was still really far off, I would feel a little more excited on a daily basis. I’m craving that “light at the end of the tunnel.”

    For motivation, lately I’ve tried thinking about using my (limited) free time on things I LOVE, or that I’ve always wanted to do–or say I want to do. Reading books or watching really good movies (Before Sunrise!) instead of just whatever’s on tv or doing the usual interneting. Trying some new social scenes (for me, a Unitarian Universalist church), going to the occasional yoga class, taking my dog to the park. I’ve found that I really like going to the library and picking up 15 books at a time on topics like fashion, decorating, personal finance, etc., and being able to browse them whenever I feel like it.

    For naming projects, I’ve always found that difficult too. I usually think about my favorite books, movies, songs, and words in general, as well as look for recurring themes in my old blog posts or journal entries, to see if inspiration strikes. Good luck!

  5. They look like old weights to me, or those throwing thingies from the circus!

    I hear you about the bored and uninspired- and I was abroad! Plan your trip. I came back to Canada and I already feel a little better. A change of scenery always works wonders.

    I also hear you about the naming conundrum. I’m in the same boat. I can’t get my website completed because I don’t have a business name and it’s killing me. Everyone says that the name doesn’t really matter- it’s the content- but it matters to me, damn it!

    Anywho, how’s my puppy?

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