It was charming.

Ugh. Bad blogging week, huh? Yeah. Sometimes it happens – that’s life and I’ve been busy with work, work, editing the wedding photos I took in Ireland, work, and oh yeah, apartment hunting.

I went and looked at an apartment a few days ago crossing my fingers that (a) the entire place would be as charming as the advertised pics – particularly the charming bathroom – and (b) the building would allow dogs. After the letdown of the place I saw last week I just didn’t know what to expect; you get skeptical easily when apartment hunting. But this one? It was cute. It’s in an old art deco building and so it has some charming details. For a small apartment it had a surprising amount of closet space. AND it was $30 cheaper than advertised. BUT it’s on the first floor and for safety reasons, I’m not a fan of first floor apartments. I was debating if I could suck it up and deal with it (did I mention it’s also in a great neighbourhood that’s dog friendly!) when I decided to ask if, by chance, there were any other available units in the building and it turns out there was. On an upper unit. That had just been vacated. It hadn’t even been advertised yet. But, I was warned, it was in no condition to be shown as the previous tenants had been there a long time and done nothing to it. It needs to be completely cleaned and reno’d, the floors refinished, the walls re-plastered in some places, entirely repainted……naturally, I insisted on seeing it.

Yes, as evidenced in the first photo, the kitchen is so tiny the fridge doesn’t fit in it. It sits in the little…alcove just off the kitchen. Inspiration kitchen.

And despite it reeking like cigarettes – like majorly – and it needing to be completely cleaned and reno’d, the floors refinished, the walls re-plastered in some places and entirely repainted…I thought it was charming and saw its potential. At least I think I saw it’s potential. I’m so indecisive.

In other news, pre-decorating news, I saw this persian rug at IKEA and subsequently fell in love with it. I love persian rugs but because they are so unique and each one is different it’s hard to find the perfect one; the one that’s just the right colour and pattern. This one was both. The right colour and pattern.

The photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a really beautiful pinky, raspberry-ish colour and what looks like black in the photo is actually a very dark chocolate brown. It’s fabulous and I want it. Badly.

And then there’s this new fabric I spotted while there. New as in just went onto the floor new.

It’s pretty great and only $5.99/meter. I gotta get some. So do you.

So that was my Tuesday through Friday. Lots of work. Apartment hunting. Window shopping. Editing wedding photos. Feeling hotter than hot in the unbearable heat we’re having here. Hanging out with Howard and walking him when the sun starts to set and there’s a light breeze in the air…

What have you been up to this week? Any plans for the weekend? I’ll be working this weekend and while doing so every thought will probably be consumed by debating whether or not I should put an application in on the apartment and figuring out a way to make that rug mine….

Have a great weekend everyone!

+Oh, and I hope all my American friends and readers had a Happy 4th of July!

++To the anon commenter here who, among other things, said I’m “consumed with apartment hunting, decorating, and my dog…” – this post doesn’t help things does it? Ha *eye roll* You may wanna tune out of my blog for the next….foreseeable future 🙂

+++Lastly, if you normally read my blog via a reader click over and take a look! Chronicled has undergone a small facelift.

++++One last thing! When it’s silent here you can always find me on my twitter

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