3. Randomness. And a few questions for you.
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  53. Framed feathers. A simple DIY project.

Through a series of random clicks I came across this photo several weeks ago and immediately saved it to my inspiration folder (and pinterest). I love everything about it – especially the dinged up cabinet housing all of the books with the assortment of candles on top. Normally I don’t really like a large grouping of candles because it can look a bit…fussy but this looks decidedly unfussy. They appear to actually be used making them functional and not just decorative and I like that. So at IKEA today, with a $50 gift card I’ve been saving in hand and with their 50% off all candles sale taking place, I had the above image in mind (and open on my iPhone) when I bought: two packs of these, one of these, three of these, one pack of this and this and this, and three of these. Now I just have to find a beat up cabinet of my own…

Happy Friday – have a great weekend! And go get some candles before the sale ends.

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LISA July 10, 2020 at 05:01

I love it, but I would change the candles to be different colors. They are hard to spot ontop of the white cabinet. But I’d prob just stick to one color (not a rainbow, that would be too much!)

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