Happy Me Day

Today is a kinda rainy overcast Monday morning. Good thing I don’t mind the rain because today is also my birthday. I took the day off work so I can have a “me” day – which will consist of doing exactly what I want to do and nothing more. Exactly what that is I’m not too sure of yet. But there will definitely be eggs, spinach, and some cuddle time with Howard. Maybe I’ll hang some pictures around the apartment and put down the paint brush and broom for a day.

A low-key birthday celebration? I can get down with that.

Happy Birthday to me.

(And can we please talk about Miley’s performance at the VMAs. What the what?!? What is she trying to prove? We get it. You’re grown. You are not Hannah Montana. You know how to twerk. And Robin Thicke? How is your wife PAULA PATTON and you have Hannah Montana Miley twerk on you (or whatever that is she did)? From what I watched, the best thing about last night was 1) Justin Timberlake’s performance and acceptance speech – being modest is a very attractive trait and (2) Macklemore’s perfomance with Mary Lambert and a surprise appearance by Jennifer Hudson.)

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