Happy Canada Day…and coffee table decisions.

Today’s Canada’s 150th birthday! Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!

As a result of it being Canada’s birthday today, tomorrow I have the day off work. I’ll be working on some Ireland recaps so, hopefully, I’ll be getting those up soon. Above is a photo of a teeny portion of the grounds of the estate that I stayed at – it was 1,500 acres and beautiful does not do it justice. Definitely the loveliest and most fancy and pampering place I’ve ever stayed at and probably will stay at for a long time!

In the meantime, I can’t stop thinking about this table. I’m thinking I might want to use it as a coffee table when I move. Here’s the thing about me though. I’ve concluded that I either like things really kinda ethnicy or really kinda simple and traditional (this goes not only for interiors but also for my personal style as well). To me, they are on two opposite ends of the spectrum…it’ll be interesting to see how my apartment comes together! FYI I was originally thinking of a table like this or a faux bamboo brass one like this…and then I stumbled across the Serena and Lily one… Decisions, decisions! Of course, I still gotta find an apartment first. One step at a time, right?

Though you’ll have to excuse me as I have a feeling decorating posts will be showing up more and more…

+ I have decided on this style sofa and this style rug though. Have I mentioned I can’t wait to unpack and decorate?

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