Galway, Ireland | A day and a half in Galway.

City: Galway
Duration: Monday Evening – Wednesday Late Afternoon

Discovering my two roommates were Canadians – from just outside of Toronto! Taking a free (tip based) walking tour of the city – the guide was fantastic. Again, so friendly and so knowledgeable. An organized day tour visiting The Cliffs of Moher and Burren among other stops – the bus driver was about 75 years old and a total character! The drive to the Cliffs of Mohr – stunning! Exactly what you picture driving through the Irish countryside would like.

After arriving from Cork, Galway definitely had a small town feel. Apparently Galway is also a “university” town and I definitely got that sense walking around – lots of young people. To make the most of the short period of time I had there, I did a free walking tour (tip based). The guide on the walking tour brought the overall experience of Galway up a notch for me – she was so friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate about her town that it was hard not to have some of that rub off on you. Overall though, I felt like the day and a half I spent in Galway was enough time for the town itself. To me, the highlights were what laid just outside of the city itself – the breathtaking countryside. However, having said that, the Irish people I know love Galway itself so I think I missed something – perhaps I needed more time there to really “get it.” So, I would definitely return but perhaps with a bit of an itinerary in mind and not just winging it.

  1. I agree with you re: Galway. I think we were there 2 nights and that was fine (and maybe more than enough). We stayed close to the Cliff of Moher for one night as well. I think a tour would have been nice.

  2. Beautiful photos as always! Your posts on Ireland are definitely making me miss the place…

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