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I’ve got moving on the brain. I’m not moving yet, still looking, but I can’t help it. And while I love to think about all of the big decor decisions (what paint colour? rugs? sofa? headboard?) and have been steadily thrifting my way to some accessories I love (and picked up tons in India that I can’t wait to unpack) – lately I’ve been thinking about the little things. The little perhaps not so exciting things that often get overlooked and it’s not until you’re in the bathroom ready to dispose of something when you think “Crap. I don’t have a trash can in the bathroom…”

This post over on Apartment Therapy has prompted me to write my own “Lessons Learned From My First Apartment” post and that will come soon – but one lesson I’m taking away from my first apartment is that this time around I want to invest in things that are not only functional but are well designed. I’m not saying the functional items in my first place were hideous but I definitely cheaped out on some things (“spend more than $5 on a toilet brush?! no way!”) but you know what, there’s no reason something that’s meant to be purely functional can’t also be well designed and well…nice to look at (not that I’m gonna stand around staring at my toilet brush or expect anyone else to!). Anna over on Door Sixteen wrote a really great post on this a year ago and you can read it here.

At any rate, here are some of the items I’m going to be sure to pick up sooner rather than later. Perhaps put my thrifting on hold for a while and get some of these purchases out of the way so I’m not left looking around for a toilet brush at the worst possible moment. Just keeping it real.

A New Shower Head // Both Anna and Daniel have mentioned how this one little change can have such a big impact in a rental. It goes without saying that I trust their opinion (they have fabulous style and do their homework so their suggestions come well researched) so I’ll definitely be switching out the shower head pronto.

Great Pillows // I’m seriously tempted to call Mount Juliet to find out what kind of pillows were in the Chauffeurs Lodge. Seriously, have you all every slept on really great pillows?? I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t know if they were down filled or what but I need to get me some. No more of these cheap 2 for $10 pillows.

Anti-slip Bath Tub Mat // I have this thing about feet. I won’t get into but long story short – I think feet are gross and the thought of stepping barefoot in a tub where someone else has kinda gives me the heeby jeevies…no matter how much the tub is bleached and disinfected first.

Toilet Brush // People don’t ever blog about toilet brushes, do they? Maybe I’ll be the first. This one looks functional (it has a bendy head to get under the rim) and is fairly good looking don’t you think (beats this).

Trash Can // A small trash can for the bathroom is a must. This one looks nice too and the reviews read well. Yes, I read the reviews on the trash can…you don’t do that kinda thing before making a trash can purchase??? Would I ever spend $26 on a trash can for my bathroom? In the past, hell no. Today…yes. Yes I would.

Door Mat // It has to be rough textured (but not too rough) because the point of a door mat, for me, is to get some of the dirt off my shoe (and Howard’s paws)…but just because it’s for the bottom of our feet doesn’t mean it can’t be good looking too. I’ll probably pick this one up and DIY something like this to jazz it up a bit.

Shower Caddy // A good one. One that stay’s in place and doesn’t slip and slide on the shower head. This Simple Human one has suction cups so it stays in place. AND the shelves are adjustable. AND there’s a place for a razor. AND I discovered it on Anna’s blog. Sold. At $40 it’s definitely more than I’d usually pay for a shower caddy but we’re trying a new approach in this new place remember? Functional and well designed.

So what do you think? Does design matter to you? Would you buy the $1 toilet brush at the dollar store (that’s what I did before! hey, aint nothing wrong with that!) or the $23 one that also looks nice? Any good shower head recommendations?

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SUE @ SIMONSSISTASAW April 26, 2019 at 15:53

I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Buy things you like. Maybe we have to buy less things to be able to afford the things we like but that makes more sense than spending money (even if it’s less) on things we don’t.

JESS April 26, 2019 at 18:06

Good pillows, yes! And a good mattress. It’s something you use everyday, which can’t be said for everything.

FLORA MORENO DE THOMPSON April 27, 2019 at 16:34

Design is totally important when I’m buying things for my house because I have to look at these things all the time.

That shower caddy is amazing, by the way. I have it and love it. I bought it at Costco for $25 I think.

RENEE April 29, 2019 at 06:15

I have memory foam pillows that I love. I read a quote (on pinterest) that said something to the effect that design/quality should be better the closer it is to you (i.e. the fabric of your sheets is better quality than that of your curtains). I think the same is true for things you see/use everyday. It makes sense to invest in a trashcan that looks nice/works great because you’ll use it every day.

JAY May 1, 2019 at 13:09

Good pillows are so important – my neck is missing mine which were put in our shipment.

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New Routines.

New Routines.

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Full Steam Ahead

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All things enamel.

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