Friday’s Four (on Saturday).

I take a lot of photos on my iPhone and share a snippet of them on my instagram (@kayinto). Friday’s Four is my way of sharing four of them here – with you – for more chronicles of my life…

1. Clutch I thrifted about 2-3 years ago that cost about $4 or $5. Small pouch (I use for makeup) from Guatemala – a gift sent from Brenna who’s currently traveling through Central & South America. Key chain from India; a daily reminder of my 10 months living there. Sunglasses case.

2. Nars Exhibit A. Loving this blush. It may very well convert me into a blush wearer on a regular basis.

3. Took out my braids and had major crimpage going on.

4. My latest thrifty finds. This large teak bowl for $4 (can’t wait to oil this one up). A glass dome marble cheese plate (the veining in the marble is so lovely). The book “The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke.” Haha.

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  1. I love that you use that purse I sent! I have a similar one that I use as my wallet. I’m crazy about all of these colourful fabrics in Central/South America…

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