Flashback: Aswan & Luxor

Since my Indian adventure is scheduled to begin in 33 days I figure I should finish sharing my Egyptian adventure with you all. You can get caught up on the previous posts/pics here.

The following is an excerpt from an email I sent home to family and friends. (And stay tuned for Part 5 where I share some pics of The Valley Of The Kings….it was one of my favourite sites to experience on the entire trip).

“I arrived in Aswan after a 14 hour train ride from Cairo. Yes, I said 14 hours. The train left at 10:15pm Monday night and was SUPPOSED to arrive in Aswan at about 10:15am but didn’t get there until about noon…so goes the travel in Egypt. You just gotta go with the flow…I visited the UNFINISHED OBELISK which would have been the largest of its kind but while the ancient Egyptians were carving it 3000 or so years ago it got a crack in the suface – they took this as a bad sign and left it alone :)……The next day I was up at 2:45am (yes in the morning) to take the bus trip to Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel is, again, about 3000 or so years old built by Ramses the 2nd (great pharoh who I think was a bit of a narcissist) he built it close to the Nile so that people on boats coming up the river from Sudan (and the rest of Africa via Nile) would. basically see him. But because of the floods in the 1960 or 70 something I think….UNESCO had Abu Simbel moved a couple of kms away on higher ground so the flooding wouldn’t destroy it. Had they not done that it would be entirely underwater, lost for ever. AMAZING EH? Don’t ask me how the hell they moved it because it is massive. It is a 3 hr bus trip to get to it from Aswan but worth every minute. It is right off Lake Nasser and…it’s massive. You can go inside it still and see all of the heiroglyphs on the wall and some of it still has colour!!!!! Blue, red, yellow…can you imagine 4000 years later still having original colour! And right next to it he built a smaller temple for his favourite wife: Queen Nefertari. It was apparently not common for this to be done for women but he was in love big time I guess.…….The rest of Day 2, Wednesday, in Aswan was fairly chill. I did a felucca sail on the nile with just the driver of the felucca and it was AMAZING…..
To be honest, while I’m enjoying myself I am a bit homesick – I miss everyone! If I had to leave tomorrow I wouldn’t be dissapointed but maybe that’s how travel is..the first few days you are overwehlemd and then you get homesick and then you get better. I only have 1 more week so I’ll be fine…but I do miss you all. Yes, all.”

And then it was on to Luxor. Here are a few pictures from Karnak and Luxor Temple. So you can get an idea of the size of these structures I included a few pictures of me (I’m 5’7″) standing right next to them. Massive, right?! And aren’t you just blown away that there are still colour on some parts (mostly on the ceiling of areas that aren’t exposed to sun). Incredible.

+All pics are mine 🙂

  1. Egypt looks amazing. When I see pics like this, it always reminds me of 6th grade when I studied Ancient Egypt 🙂

    This is off topic, but I purchased a pair of Crocs flats. People thought I went crazy when I told them about my order, but I’ve been wearing them and people say, “Those are cute!” or “They’re not that bad.” Hehe. Totally bringing them along on my next trip!

  2. Such awesome pics, my fave is the sailboat in the setting sun. I’m dying to get to Egypt.

  3. I loved Luxor. I remember being astounded by the vibrancy of the colors too, especially since it’s an open air museum and everything is exposed to the elements. I’m so glad I went there before we went to Cairo because it was such a nice experience.

    The shot of the sailboat is so pretty.

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