For a few weeks now a lot of bloggers have been posting all things Fall related but I wanted to savour every last minute of Summer and not touch the topic of Fall until it was official; and today it is. Today is officially the first day of Fall – my favourite season because it’s not too hot yet not too cold.

It’s been just about 3 months since I started my journey to drop the fat and get fit and I’m feeling really good about where I am, what I’m learning, and how things are progressing. While I didn’t meet my goal of losing 20 lbs in 9 weeks (by my birthday) I got close with, at the most, 14 lbs lost. Then I went to Chicago and slacked off a little bit and came home and wasn’t as on the ball as I’d been in the weeks prior. That’s not to say I was terrible, I was just a little more flexible. I ate in a way that is sustainable going forward not just for “a diet” and so the weight has been slightly slower to come off but, I’m now more of a firm believer than ever that this whole weight loss and getting fit thing is a marathon not a sprint. Having said that, I’m hovering at about 12 lbs down (still with a goal of losing at least 8 more) and though I didn’t take measurements at the beginning of this journey, I’m down a few inches at least. Which, coupled with the change in season, is good reason for a bit of a wardrobe update isn’t it?

As the weight has started to slowly come off I’m rediscovering the joy of getting dressed and shopping for clothes. It’s much more enjoyable when you’re okay with the way things fit and aren’t insecure about every pooch and bulge.

At any rate, here are a few things I’d like to add to my wardrobe over the next few weeks. I think I deserve it!

01. A long, slightly fitted, cardigan.
02. A chunky knit cardigan. Clearly I’m all about cardigans.
03. I’m also all about a good blouse. Such a simple way to dress up a pair of fitted jeans.
04. I’m also all about good tees. What makes a tee good? The fit. Not too tight but not too slouchy.
(Also good for wearing under cardigans. Naturally.)
05. I’ve had may eyes on a bucket bag for a few months now.
06. I already mentioned these leather booties here. I’m in love with them. So good.
07. Delicate layered gold necklaces.
08. A new watch. Something a bit casual but not too much so.
09. A jacket perfect for the season.

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