Cork, Ireland | Two days and a lot of walking.

Earlier this June I spent two weeks exploring Ireland. Over the next few days I’ll be recapping my trip and sharing some photos, highlights, thoughts, and tips in case you are planning a trip to Ireland in the near future. You can read the first part of my Ireland recap here.

City: Cork
Duration: Saturday Afternoon – Monday Afternoon

Strolling around Cork’s downtown area and discovering a store, that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of but it’s like a big chain store comparable to Forever 21, where I bought a pair of funky printed leggings, a loose tunic/blouse, and a mini-backpack. (On a side note, if you travel you must get a mini-backpack. It was so nice to have my hands free and to not have all the weight of a heavy purse on one shoulder). A day trip to Cobh, the last Port of Call for the Titanic, and the Blarney Castle to kiss the infamous Blarney Stone (I went with this tour from Paddywagon Tours and would recommend the company – the guide was friendly and knowledgeable and got the bus singing “Molly Malone.”) Drinking a Guiness and getting chatted up by a middle aged local Irishman at a bar during a Euro Cup game (It was Ireland vs, I believe, Croatia…or maybe Spain). Visiting Cork City Gaol (old jail), complete with life-like replicas (very eerie), and learning about the crimes that were committed leading to the inmates incarciation. We’re talking things like the poor taking their employers left over fabric scraps and people caught stealing food. Visiting Fota National Park – just about 20 minutes outside of the city by train. Enjoying a fabulous Reuben sandwich from The English Market.

I really enjoyed Cork. Upon my arrival I was tickled pink by the different colour buildings and homes lined up one beside the other and the river that seeming runs right through the middle of the downtown area. Cork is Ireland’s second largest city – though that fact shocked me as it doesn’t feel like a ‘big’ city by Western standards – though it definitely has a city feel. It was large enough that I felt there was a lot to see and do but not so large enough that I was overwhelmed; I easily navigated the city by foot (pack comfortable shoes though – some parts of the city are quite steep). I enjoyed wandering around the downtown area and stopping into the various shops. I could have easily spent a few more days hanging out in Cork; two days was not long enough.

// What I’ve labelled in the above photos as a dock should actually be called a pier. Whoops. My bad.

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