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Maybe it’s because I’ve been sans a proper bedroom for almost 2 years why it seems to be the room I find myself thinking about decorating the most lately. Probably because it’s finally so close that I can practically envision myself sleeping in late in my queen sized bed and finally unpacking my clothes that during the middle of the day and late at night I find myself thinking about this room that will become my sanctuary.

In my last apartment I never got around to decorating my bedroom. Decorator types (totally not referring to myself) always say the bedroom is often the last room to get done because people are usually more concerned with decorating the public spaces of their homes. But screw that. This time around giving myself a beautiful space to end my day and start my morning will be a top priority. After almost two years sand a proper bedroom or bed, I deserve it. 

So of course I’ve been grappling with the first decision: light and airy or dark and moody? I have inspiration pictures of both in my files but after picking up a gorgeous Persian rug for a steal (not this one, another one I’ve yet to share) that is primarily dark blue and black (with accents of red, a coraly pink, cream, and a bit of orange) and admitting that I’ve wanted to paint a room (or at the very least a wall) black for far too long (I love a black room…done well) I’ve made a decision: dark and moody it is!

But not just dark and moody. Let’s add in words like sexy, and feminine, and a little bit global. And definitely not overt, try hard, or obvious; it’s a fine line. Oh, and most importantly comfortable. So here’s where I think I’m going…..

Walls that read black but upon closer inspection, and in just the right light, reveal themselves to be a dark inky indigo blue. Like these:

BM’s “Deep Royal” as seen in Tamera’s, of the blog Verhext, hallway/landing.

F&B’s “Black Blue” via the blog Out of Paper

F&B’s “Black Blue” via the blog Moodboard

Mid-century teak night tables with those sexy cone shaped legs and simple lines. A Persian rug and framed black & white travel photograph add some global appeal. Textures like velvet and raw silk on accent pillows add a dash of sexy without being too obvious. An off white linen duvet keeps it comfortable and from feeling too heavy. A Navajo or African printed textile turned into (another) pillow. A lovely mirror. A found branch to display some of my jewelry collected in India. A candle or two. Maybe a sparkly chandelier or overhead light fixture? An oversized basket (for laundry?). Coral-y pink accents. And brass. Always brass.

Do you see where I’m going? Can you dig it?

+I was gonna pull together a vision board but my internet is acting up and I was so tired when I wrote this that that will have to come later.

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ELLEN KIRKENDALL December 19, 2019 at 01:26

Sounds great. My bedroom is a lovely charcoal gray – love the dark walls!

KAHLEEL HAMILTON December 19, 2019 at 01:29

I am going through the same thing right now with thinking up decorating ideas.
I’ll be moving to Abu Dhabi and I will have to decorate a whole apartment all by myself. I will be borrowing from some of your ideas if you don’t mind. I have no clue how to decorate and you seem to have a really good handle on it.
Loving your plans. Follow me to see when I eventually do make it over there and the whole decorating process.

THEA VINTAGE December 19, 2019 at 01:32

Love that shade on the walls!!


RENEE December 19, 2019 at 01:33

Sounds lovely! My bedroom is always the first thing I focus on when moving. We moved several times when I was a kid/in high school and my mom always prioritized my sister’s and my rooms. Ours were the first to get painted, she wanted us to feel at home. I’m still in a temporary place (don’t expect to live in this apt for more than a year) so I’m not unpacking everything, but our bedroom doesn’t look temporary, it has real furniture and a new comforter etc.

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