Before the sky goes dark.

What a week. I took this photo on my way home driving through downtown Toronto (while I was stopped in traffic). Downtown Toronto, just as the sun is starting to set, in those few minutes before the sky goes dark, with all of the buildings lit up, always makes me take pause. I live here. I’m so lucky.

This weekend I’m off of work and my plans are minimal. I’m going to just slow down and take it easy. Maybe start watching Breaking Bad – which I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

So, my first week back blogging after nearly three months of radio silence. It’s been really nice to be in this space again. Really nice. Lots to share. And next week I’ll finally¬†recap¬†my Ireland trip.

Have a great weekend.

//Oh my, during my recap how could I have forgot to share that during my blog break Howard celebrated his 5th birthday! He had his favourite treats: vanilla ice cream and cheddar cheese. Spoiled dog.

  1. What a great pic! Have a nice, relaxing weekend!!! Happy Birthday Howard!

  2. You NEED to watch breaking bad, like now! Its soooooooo good. One of the best series I ever watched. Great plot, acting, character development, setting, everything. I dont watch TV because I think I have better things to do, but Breaking Bad was one of the few shows that got through my Television blockade.

    We actually seem to have similar taste in television. I remember you watching 24 when you were in India

    I think everyone needs chilax time. Busy is over glorified in my opinion.

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