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I can’t say for certain but I’m almost positive it started when I saw this house tour. I was smitten with the entire space, the look and feel of it, but there was something else. And then I saw another house tour. And another. And all of a sudden it clicked. The pendant light. I had to have one. And just like that, I was obsessed. I had to find one for myself. Had to. And so, the search began. First, I found a fabulous one by Schoolhouse Electric but the price is a bit out of my budget. Then I did a search on Etsy and found some great vintage ones but with shipping costs were inching up to the $100 mark (which isn’t too bad actually but I thought I could do better). And then I tracked down one or two on craigslist but the first seller had sold his and the second seller was about a 1.5 hour drive away and asking over $150. So I continued to keep my eyes peeled. But during this intensive search something else happened. In my quest to find these vintage enamel barn/gas station pendant lights (wow is that a mouthful! but that’s what I call them) I started to fall for all things enamel.

So, all of that was just a round about way of getting to this: I’m having a crazy love obsession with anything and everything enamel. First I saw these on the CB2 website and immediately bookmarked them for purchase. But earlier this week  I saw these new pieces on the new West Elm Market site (the market site is fantastic by the way! has a total handmade aesthetic going on that I love) and I got super excited; I’ve since vowed to buy them all. Because when I get into something, I get into it big time.

Something about enamel pieces lend to that vintage, old school look that I’m hoping to incorporate in my place when I move (don’t ask when – the hunt has been put on hold until after the holidays…apartment hunting and potentially moving during the holidays is not something I want on my plate). It’s a bit 70s schoolhouse and science-y and, in doses, I dig that look. There are a few more enamel pieces so have a look if you’re into it too. There’s also this embroidered bedding, sans monogram, that I have my eyes on (from West Elm proper not the Market section) – specifically, just the duvet cover and pillow cases. Cute, right? But not too cute. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for bedding that has just a little something and I think this could be it.

But anyways, back to enamel. Is it just me or are you into it too? Is there anything that you’re totally into decor-wise right now? I sense an enamel trend coming on…

Oh, and those vintage enamel barn/gas station pendant lights? I totally tracked them down at a local thrift store. They’ll have to be rewired but at $40/$75 it feels like a total score. Never. Give. Up.

hanging spice rack // enamelware dinnerware set // enamel measuring spoons // enamel measuring cups

[On Hurricane Sandy: I feel extremely luckily that Hurricane Sandy didn’t hit my city too hard. I think people were preparing for the worst but, for the most part, we got off pretty easy. However, the news, twitter, and instagram tells me that a lot of places in NYC and NJ got hit really, really, hard. I’m glad my real-life friends and my internet friends south of the border are all well and safe. I’m hoping those in need are able to get the help needed and that those who can help do.]


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