A testament to how I’ve grown?

My birthday is in just under two weeks and I can’t help but think, “Shit. That year went fast.” Last year I turned the big 3-0 in India and had the loveliest day – I treated myself to my first massage (what an experience that was!), visited some sites and went out for dinner to a much talked about restaurant with someone special, and ended the night out dancing with friends. It was really really nice. This year, I’m not sure how I’ll celebrate. Any suggestions?

At any rate, I thought it might be fun to put together, much like last year, a little birthday wishlist. The thing is….it was actually quite difficult to do. I was racking my brain trying to think up things to include on the list and the truth is: there’s nothing I really need and not much that I really want. I guess this is a nice place to be and maybe that’s a testament to how I’ve grown this past year? I dunno.

Of course, there are things I do want for my apartment…but for the most part I’m enjoying the hunt for those items (the hunt for the apartment on the other hand I’m not enjoying).

But fear not, I did come up with a short list of a few things I would love to receive on my special day. I’ll be sure to point family and friends to this list over the next few days 😉

I think the whole terrarium trend got really big while I was away in India…and while there are some trends I’d like to see go away – I really want a terrarium. These ones by  Score + Solder and ABJ Glassworks are lovely.

I talked about wanting a good pillow here and you know what…good pillows aren’t cheap lol. So if someone wanted to gift me one, or two, or four – I’d be very happy!

I’ve been thinking about getting this Wacom Tablet for a while; think I’d have some fun with it.

I see a few refinishing projects in the future and an orbital sander would make things go a bit faster and smoother. Smoother – get it? Hahaha.

I have my dinnerware from my last apartment packed up and while they’re nice – they’re a beige colour. I’d really like to get a white set. White dishes are a great jumping off point for mixing and matching.

And the next three are three things that, after much thought, I’d LOVE to receive:

Professional painters, a cleaning service, and a moving service for when I find the right apartment (viewed apartment #6 and #7 over the weekend – neither are the one). The thought of having someone else move my boxes from my storage unit, load up a van, and bring them to the new place…well, it makes me insanely happy. A cleaning service to give the place a good once over (yes, I’d still clean the place myself but having someone else do that initial deep cleaning) makes me insanely happy. And as much as I do like painting, the thought of walking into an apartment and having it already painted in the colours I’ve chosen – well that makes me insanely happy.

And there you have it. Nothing outrageous or too frivolous I don’t think. What do you think of my list? And are any of you Virgo’s too?

  1. For touching up photos a mouse just does not compete with a wacom tablet. I am not familiar with the Bamboo now but when it first came out I thought it was too small. I would step up a bit and get the Intuos. I can’t type so I look at the keyboard when I do but with the tablet I am looking at the monitor so a larger surface just feels better for me.

  2. White dishes are my favourite things! They add such simplicity and beauty to everything 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the terraniums – they’re gorgeous. Maybe you could celebrate your birthday with your loved ones with a big indian feast? a nod to the past year.

  4. These are all great ideas. I’ve decided for my birthday, the only way I can get my hubs to do renos around the house is if I say, “I want you to install baseboards in the livingroom we renovated five years ago (!!)” or “I want a new kitchen countertop.”

  5. One more thing. It may be time to pay a real estate agent. It’s the last thing anyone wants to do and they are a little flakey sometimes but sometimes you see something you would not see otherwise.

    Happy Birthday!

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