A few things I’m coveting.

This table. This terrarium. This blush. These nail strips. This oversized drum shade (DIYed up like this). This print. This foundation. Just a few things I’m coveting at the moment. In addition to this rug 😉

Finishing up the first of my Ireland recap posts for later this afternoon – so come back later!

+Had the most fabulous catchup/hangout session on Saturday with one of my fellow volunteer friends that I met while in India (we both happened to be from the same country, same city, and neighbourhoods close together!) He actually moved into my flat after I left in January! So it was super nice to hang out with him for the evening while he was home for the week…before he leaves on his next great adventure today! I tell you, I made some life-long friends while volunteering in India. Some of whom read this blog so “Hello K! M! and S!” xoxo email coming soon. I promise.

++Looking for suggestions for artwork on Etsy. Who are some of your favourite sellers?

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