2018 Travel Plans.

My travel plans for 2017 didn’t pan out exactly as I had hoped. While I did make it to Ireland (and loved it) – my goals of traveling to Eastern Canada and Turkey, for a few reasons, didn’t happen. And the plan to visit Chicago in the Fall got scrapped entirely and morphed into a trip to New Jersey & New York early in the new year to visit my bff. That’s life, right? Sometimes things don’t happen as planned but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming and planning again…

And so, I’m starting to think about my travel goals for 2018. Back on the list, and a trip I definitely want to make a priority, is Eastern Canada. As much as I love to travel I’ve never been outside of Ontario in Canada – that’s horrible, no? I’ve narrowed it down to PEI or Nova Scotia and I think I’m leaning towards Nova Scotia. And then there’s Kenya. Who doesn’t want to go on an African safari?! Before leaving India one of my closest friends there, San – who’s originally from Kenya, invited a few of us girls to visit her in her home country in the early summer of 2018 – a bit of an exotic reunion of sorts. I spoke with her recently and there’s a slight possibility she might not be in Kenya but still in India at that time. So if she’s back in Kenya – that’s where I plan to head. But if she’s still in India – perhaps I’ll head back there? That’d be nice…but I did live there for 10 months – maybe somewhere new? But then again, I didn’t travel as far North as I wanted or as far South as I wanted so maybe I should return. Le sigh. As for where else in the world I’d like to explore next year – well, I’m a bit torn. I’ve put Turkey back on the list because it was supposed to happen this year and didn’t…and it is a country that I want to explore. But also, I’ve wanted to visit Italy for years and years…long before I added Turkey to my list actually. And then there’s Morocco, which has been added to my list in more recent years. And then there’s Ireland and London, which I’d do in one visit. I loved Ireland and have a friend who I met in India who’s back home in Dublin now – so I can visit her and see more of the country. And then there’s a mutual friend we both have in London. I’ve never been to London and, again, it could be a bit of a reunion for the three of us. But I went to Ireland this year, so perhaps do something new? And then there’s Cuba. I’m not much of an island goer but something about Cuba is very intriguing, no?

Of course, I have many more countries and cities on my list but these are the ones at the very top and are doable for 2018. Hmmm…if given the choices of any two of the above (excluding Eastern Canada), where would you go? Have you been to any of these countries? Any suggestions or tips on when to go, where to stay, or what to do?

  1. I love the idea of setting up travel goals for the year! Although I have a feeling that next my travel life will be pretty darn boring with Masters. Turkey is amazing and definitely worth a visit. AND if you make it to Kenya {if you can squeeze it into the budget} try and spend a night at Giraffe Manor. I’ve heard it’s a once in a lifetime experience!


  2. Somewhere new! Somewhere new!

    I loved Cuba (well, liked Varadero and LOVED Havana) and I’ve always wanted to go to both Morocco and Turkey. Tough call.

    As for PEI vs NS? Nova Scotia all the way! I’m from Stellarton, NS, twenty minutes from where you’d take the ferry to PEI. I’ve been there. It’s pretty. But you’d need travel partners. NS, and Halifax in particular, is much better suited for sightseeing and daytrips.

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  3. If you hit up Eastern Canada, visit me in Montreal! Not super east, but kind of! And also, KENYA. Basically my favourite country in the whole world. I am headed back in March 🙂
    Good luck with figuring out where to go, its always such a tough decision!



  4. I love the idea of going somewhere once a year that you’ve never been. I’m trying to get to all the states and all the inhabitable continents. I need to get on it!

  5. Decisions decisions! I’d pick Cuba as I think it’s more likely to change quicker (ie. I expect Cuba as it is now to be far more different from Cuba in 10 years) than other places on your list. I loved Turkey and Morocco (maybe Morocco more so in terms of countries but if it’s a short trip, I def. prefer Istanbul to Marrakesh). And Kenya, because you haven’t yet been (nor have I but I’ll be there in Feb). London and Ireland are both lovely and if you’ve got friends to stay with, it makes things cheaper but I’m of the mind to see places now where comfort levels are lower etc as I’m less likely to want to camp/squat toilet etc as I get older (thinking Kenya, India etc). It’s a good problem to have though, isn’t it? (and now I’m rambling so I’ll sign off).

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